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Amy Herzog

The MITRE Corporation has contributed to the SELinux project since 1998, modifying system utilities, developing program-specific policies, and designing/developing policy management software.

Amy Herzog leads MITRE's SELinux team, and has worked on the project since 2000. During this time, the MITRE team has designed and developed information flow-based policy analysis tools, pattern recognition-based policy generation tools, and begun to design policy minimization tools. These tools are included with the current NSA SELinux releases and can be downloaded from the SELinux CVS repository and from The team's paper on Information Flow Analysis in Security-Enhanced Linux will appear in a forthcoming special issue of the Journal of Computer Security.

Since obtaining her BA in mathematics, Amy has worked with other colleagues at MITRE on the incorporation of formal methods into security analysis. Her work has been presented at ESORICS and VERIFY, and published in JCS and IJIS special issues, and has explored several security topic areas including network security, operating system security, and the insider threat.
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