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Art Wilson

Mr. Art Wilson is a Security Engineer at Tresys Technology. While working as a researcher, analyst, systems engineer, software developer and project manager, he has contributed to the understanding and practice of security in communication and computing systems. Mr. Wilson has performed numerous vulnerability assessments on communication and computing products, systems and infrastructure. He has performed extensive hardware and software analysis to identify security vulnerabilities and develop sample exploits. He contributed to the development of the network management system for the world's first deployed all-optical switching network. His current work is focused on developing and applying security policy for cross-domain solutions. He is active as a consultant, teacher and presenter on cross-domain solution issues. In particular, he is leading an effort to apply the type enforcement mechanism provided by Security Enhanced Linux to the cross-domain environment. Mr. Wilson has a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Drexel University, and a MS in Computer Science from the Johns Hopkins University.
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