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Chad Hanson

As a senior secure systems engineer with Trusted Computer Solutions (TCS), Chad Hanson is responsible for the development and engineering innovation that goes into creating some of the worlds most secure operating systems and related technology. Mr. Hanson is the principal architect of TCS Trusted Linux development. His current efforts have been focused on developing a Trusted Linux that utilizes a combination of both MLS and TE MAC mechanisms based on SELinux technology.

Mr. Hanson's vast knowledge of trusted operating system design, implementation, and integration is underscored by his participation in the development of a Trusted compartmentalized computer operating system, which was awarded a US Patent in September 2001. Mr. Hanson has detailed experience with Linux and Solaris in many areas including kernel development, networking, and X Windows.

Prior to joining TCS, Mr. Hanson spent several years at Argus Systems Group, rising from trusted systems engineer to director of research and advanced development. During this time, he was a co-creator of PitBull Foundation.

Throughout his tenure in the trusted systems engineering industry, Mr. Hanson has performed on-site services for government agencies, international banks, and businesses, as well as participating in ITSEC and Common Criteria Evaluation Processes. Mr. Hanson has more than 10 years of MLS operating system experience.

Mr. Hanson has a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Illinois in the study of Computer Science.
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