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Colin Walters

Colin Walters is a member of the desktop team at Red Hat. He has been an active member of the free software community for several years, contributing to projects such as GNOME, GNU Emacs, SELinux, and Debian. At Red Hat now, he concentrates on Fedora development, where among other things, he has been maintaining most of the desktop multimedia software, assisting with SELinux integration, and working on the GNOME printing infrastructure.

He has always been interested in security and cryptography, but this interest crystallized when his server was cracked by a "white-hat" Debian developer. After that he discovered SELinux, and contributed several policies and patches for core tools, and ported Russell Coker's Debian packages to the Linux 2.6-based SELinux. His most recent SELinux work involves the converting Linux desktop into least-privilege components.
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