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Frank Mayer

Frank Mayer is co-founder and Chief Technology Officer for Tresys where he guides the company's technical and business vision. He has more than 20 years of experience in the research, design and development of secure operating system and network technologies. Under his leadership, Tresys has become a leader in high-end information security technology and engineering services. Among other technology projects, Frank spearheads the research and development work for Security Enhanced Linux at Tresys. He originated the Tresys' "setools" project, and still sets the vision and goals for that package, as well as Tresys' other SELinux development efforts.

Throughout his career, Frank has participated and led several security technology research and development efforts, including two high-assurance secure operating system development projects. He has extensive experience with security design issues for a variety of operating systems, along with his key participation in many security evaluation and certification efforts. He has helped write several standards, including the Common Criteria and has published many technical papers on his research results.
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