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Karl MacMillan

Karl MacMillan is a Lead Analyst at Tresys Technology. While working as a researcher and developer he has made important contributions in the fields of machine learning, evolutionary computing, and computer security. In the past he has used exemplar learning techniques to address a variety of pattern recognition tasks including audio analysis and document recognition. As a staff researcher at the Johns Hopkins University, he was a principal designer of the Gamera document recognition framework, an innovative system that used machine learning, genetic algorithms, and clustering algorithms with advanced object-oriented design to allow the creation of domain specific document recognition applications by non-expert computer programmers. His current research is focused on Security Enhanced Linux. He has developed an innovative automated analysis system for SELinux policies that uses graph-based representations of type enforcement policies to allow complex examinations of information flows within SE Linux systems. Tresys has successfully used this software in their industry leading SE Linux policy analysis services. Additionally, he leads the SELinux core infrastructure projects at Tresys, including projects that enhance the basic SELinux mechanism and explore the application of SELinux to a variety of security challenges. Mr. MacMillan has a Master's degree from the Johns Hopkins University. He has numerous published papers and has been recognized as a leading researcher through awards, speaking invitations, and participation on conference committees.
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