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Stanley Klein

Stanley A. Klein holds B.E.S and M.S.E degrees in Electrical Engineering and a D.Sc. in Operations Research. He is a versatile consultant and task/project leader in computers, communications, and management science. His current technical areas include information security for electric power and free/open source software for business applications. He has been an author, lecturer, and panelist on technical and economic issues in a variety of areas, and has appeared numerous times as a panelist or featured speaker at meetings and conference sessions addressing issues of information security in electric power systems or information technology issues in the electric power industry restructuring. He has over 40 years experience in systems engineering, software engineering, requirements analysis, modeling and simulation, conceptual design, data communications protocol standards, and information security for a wide range of commercial and government applications. Between 1967 and 1995 he was employed at Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC) and at another company later acquired by CSC. He has developed and implemented models and tools using a variety of computer languages, databases, and computer operating systems.

Dr. Klein's experience with electric power system Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) and control center issues extends back over the past 28 years and his experience in information security extends back over the past 20 years. Since 1996, Dr. Klein has been Principal Consultant of Stan Klein Associates, LLC. In that capacity he has been principal investigator on a Small Business Innovation Research project to develop an open source toolkit for secure, next-generation, electric power SCADA. He is also a principal in Open Secure Energy Control Systems, LLC, recently formed to continue efforts on the toolkit.

In previous efforts, he prepared a guideline for the Electric Power Research Institute on information security protection of electric power transmission and distribution control systems and was a team member on a government sponsored assessment of Year 2000 readiness of municipal electric departments, rural electric cooperatives, and small investor owned utilities. He self-published a report on information security implications of the electric utility restructuring and contributed to a 1996 Navy study of information security in electric utility control systems (that was used as input to early efforts on critical infrastructure protection).

In addition to these efforts Dr. Klein has maintained active involvement in a variety of professional society and standards committee activities relevant to both SCADA protocols and their information security protection. He is an active participant and leader in committees of the IEEE Power Engineering Society (PES), including active membership in the Control Center Subcommittee, Co-Vice-Chair of the Power System Communications Committee, and PES representative on the IEEE-USA Committee on Communications and Information Policy (where he drafted the position statement on information security for electric power). He is also an active member of International Electrotechnical Commission Technical Committee 57 Working Group 15 (on power grid cybersecurity) and of the North American Electric Reliability Council's Control System Security Working Group.
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