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Yuichi Nakamura

Yuichi Nakamura has been researching SELinux in Hitachi Software( more than three years and leading Japanese SELinux community and promotion of SELinux in Japan, also have been planning business usage of SELinux in Hitachi Software and Japan Open source Advocacy Organization.

He is a leader of Japan SELinux Users Group ( and chairman of SELinux working group in Japan Open source Advocacy Agent(JOSAO)( He is now in Master Course of The George Washington University to study Computer Science and SELinux.

As a researcher, he is a main developer of SELinux Policy Editor and sellog. SELinux Policy Editor is tool to configure SELinux policy. sellog is a part of tool called SELinux/Aid and sellog is tool to analyze SELinux log. These are available in He submitted some patches to NSA's ML, such as audit2allow -l option and policy patches.

He has been making effort to make SELinux well known in Japan, cooperating with publishing companies, software companies and community. He wrote book and wrote many articles in magazine. His book about SELinux was published in March 2004, from Nikkei Business Publications, Inc. He gave many talks about SELinux in conferences, exhibitions and community meetings. He also developed two day SELinux training course and gave lecture.
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