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Introduction to SELinux Policy Development and Analysis

Instructors: Karl MacMillan and Joshua Brindle

Tutorial Description: Introduction to developing and analyzing SELinux policies.

Pre-requisites: In-depth knowledge of Linux systems and a basic understanding of SELinux.

Audience: Developers, security administrators, and advanced system administrators.

This tutorial, which is a condensed, one day version of the popular three day Tresys Technology policy development and analysis primer course (, will introduce the student to all of the major concepts in SELinux needed to develop and analysis policies. The tutorial will cover the core concepts in SELinux and Type Enforcement, the techniques for creating a new policy, and the process of analyzing an existing policy for correctness using automated tools. This is a hands on tutorial.

At the end of the tutorial, the student will have a solid technical foundation for creating and analyzing SELinux policies.

SELinux From a Technology Decision Maker's Perspective

Instructor: Karl MacMillan

Tutorial Description: Introduction to the potential benefits of SELinux from the perspective of a technology decision maker.
Pre-requisites: None.

Audience: Managers, IT Directors and decision makers responsible for choosing appropriate technologies for their company.

This tutorial will introduce SELinux concepts and cover how it can address some of the fundamental security problems facing the enterprise. An examination of how SELinux is different from other approaches to security will help provide an understanding of the advantages of SELinux. Where SELinux can be successfully applied, both now and in the future, will be explored with an emphasis on understanding both the costs and benefits of SELinux.

At the end of the tutorial the attendee will have an understanding of SELinux concepts and technology and be able to make an informed decision about where SELinux can best be applied in their organization.

Installing and Administering an SELinux System

Instructor: Russell Coker

Pre-requisites: Basic sysadmin knowledge in a Linux environment or moderate knowledge of another Unix like system.

Audience: System administrators, developers, and security administrators.

Tutorial Description: Introduction to SE Linux on the current version of Red Hat Enterprise Linux Advanced Server.

Users will go through the process of installing a SE Linux machine, performing basic administration commands and configuring basic SE Linux administration options. The tutorial will also cover the process of switching from Red Hat's targeted policy to the strict policy and cover the differences between the two policies. This is a hands on tutorial.

At the end of the tutorial the user should have the basic skills required for administration of a SE Linux server or desktop.
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