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Daniel Frye
Vice President, IBM Open Systems Development IBM Systems & Technology Group

Daniel D. Frye, Vice President - IBM Open Systems Development, is the head of IBM's UNIX development team, principally responsible for Linux and AIX development. Dr. Frye is additionally responsible for overseeing IBM's Linux technical strategy and IBM's participation in the open source Linux development community.

The mission of the IBM Linux development team - the IBM Linux Technology Center (LTC) is to help the global open source Linux community make Linux better, to ensure Enterprise-level Linux support for IBM's Hardware, Software, and Services brands, and to help expand the reach of Linux into new markets. LTC engineers are trusted, valued members of dozens of open source communities and contribute broadly to open source in many respects. AIX is the industry's leading Enterprise UNIX solution and is used by thousands of customers running mission-critical workloads around the world.

Prior to his current responsibilities, Dr. Frye was a member of IBM's Emerging Technologies and Business Opportunities team where he worked on company-wide technical strategies that predicted future trends and transitions in the IT industry. It was during this time that Dr. Frye co-authored the original IBM corporate strategies for Linux and open source. Dr. Frye sits on the board of the Open Source Development Laboratory (OSDL) and participates in a variety of other Linux and open source industry groups.

Dr. Frye has an M.A. in Physics from The Johns Hopkins University (1982) and a B.A. in Physics from the University of Idaho (1979). He also received his Ph.D. in Theoretical Atomic Physics from The Johns Hopkins University (1985).
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