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Speakers Confirmed for the Third Annual Security Enhanced Linux Symposium and Developer Summit

Event slated for March 12-16, 2007 in Baltimore, Maryland

Baltimore, Md. - (December 7, 2006) - The Security Enhanced Linux (SELinux) Symposium announces papers and speakers for its third annual symposium. Experts from business, government, and academia will share and discuss the latest SELinux application experience, research and development results, and product plans. The event explores the popular SELinux technology and the power of flexible mandatory access control in Linux. Registration for the SELinux Symposium, scheduled for March 12-16, 2007 in Baltimore, Maryland, is now open at

The Third SELinux Symposium features two full days of SELinux-related tutorials followed by a two-day technical agenda that includes papers, presentations, and case studies by experts and practitioners with SELinux. Topics for the symposium include changes and extensions to the core SELinux technology, advances in SELinux policy management and development, and the use of SELinux to build secure system solutions. The symposium also includes an invitation-only SELinux developer summit, where the core developers and contributors of SELinux discuss upcoming technology changes, requirements, and plans.

Papers for the symposium were selected via a community review process and include authors from several organizations, including atsec, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Pennsylvania State University, Red Hat, SPARTA, Tresys Technology, University of Maryland-Baltimore County, U.S. Joint Forces Command, and the U.S. National Security Agency. The full agenda for the symposium is available at

About the SELinux Symposium
The Security Enhanced Linux (SELinux) Symposium is an annual exchange of ideas, technology, and research involving SELinux. SELinux is emerging technology that adds flexible, strong mandatory access control security to Linux. The third annual Symposium is schedule for March 12-16, 2007 in Baltimore, Maryland, USA. Last year's symposium was sponsored by Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Red Hat, Tresys Technology, and Trusted Computer Solutions. The event brings together experts from business, government, and academia to share research, development, and application experiences using SELinux. For information on registration and sponsorship opportunities, see
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